Covid Love

(Set snaps - 35mm/digital - selected photo’s)

Covid Love is a short comedy by Dutch director René Nuijens. The film takes us to an intimate moment of Dick and Mary who meet each other for the first time during the Covid pandemic. An empty restaurant, a somewhat odd waiter and his strict measures make it a tough evening. Or will love prevail?

So far, the film has been screened at 33 festivals, has received many nominations and won awards at 7 festivals: 

Winner of the GOLD MEDAL at LONDON WORLDWIDE COMEDY FilmFestival, autumn, London (UK) 

Winner best SCREENWRITING at the Rome Outcast Independent FilmAwards, (IT) 

Winner best film at the Digital Gate International Film Festival, Annaba, (ALGERIA) 

Winner best SHORT FILM at RIR International COMEDY FilmFestival, Allariz (ESP) 

Winner best short fiction film & BEST CAMERAWORK at Cibo Corto Cine Festival Siracusa (IT) 

Best director award at the VERTIGO & MILAN INT. FILM FEST Month June, MILANO (IT) 

Winner best film, bi-monthly online ABSURD FILM FESTIVAL June/July 2021, MILANO (IT)

Honorable Mention at 12th Underground Cinema FilmFestival, Dublin (IRE)