Displayed at Nieuwe Instituut 2018


Inspired by the theme for the group exhibition in Het Nieuwe Instituut; Presenting and perceiving the photographic image. I examined this topic from a different angle with the main question: how can a photo be perceived by someone who is blind?

Our society is increasingly image-focused: we work and communicate via photos, videos, text messages and emoticons. Our retina works a lot to capture it all. But what if you can not view all of that footage? A life without selfies, visual news or art?

In my this project I used an iconic photo of the world press photo that reflects on the current situation of our world.

This photo is not accesible to the blind, by using image research for the blind an interviews with divergent people, I explored the world of blind people intending to analyze their image perception.

This iconic photo is now exclusively accessible to blind people.

Displayed at World Press Photo 2021